Cannabis-Friendly Weddings Are Here To Stay

Incorporating cannabis into weddings has been trending in recent years, and it's no wonder why. We love seeing the cannabis industry open up to couples with high hopes of incorporating bud into their special day. 

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Planning your own?

Empire Glassworks has always been a full-service glass studio. Our origins are rooted in jewelry and decor, specializing in art pieces, like glass figurines and wedding cake toppers, since the 1960s. We have maintained our network of glass blowers and artists throughout the years to maintain our legacy of top quality, hand-crafted products. 

Custom Glass

We are now offering custom, functional glass art to honor any special occasion, weddings included. We're thrilled to offer options that will help make your cannabis-friendly wedding an unforgettable experience for both you and your guests, from personalized centerpieces to take-home wedding favors.

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Personalized Pieces

Imagine your guests’ faces when they turn the corner and discover a “glass wall,” featuring pieces engraved with the happy couple’s names for all to enjoy freely. Picture how thrilled they’ll be when they realize that your customized centerpieces, complete with engraved table numbers, are fully functional. You'll top their wildest expectations when you give them a take-home gift, commemorated with the special date, to keep the memories of your day alive forever.

Custom Glass Bracelets/Napkin Holders

We offer customized glass napkin holders that doubles as a fashion bracelet. We have a wide range of color combinations to choose from along with beautiful add-ons such as dichroic finishes and copper/ silver beads to make your napkin holders one-of-a-kind!

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More ways we can enhance your wedding 

We are artists, not just glass blowers. We offer unlimited design potential with our sculpting expertise with the ability to customize or products, like carb caps, pokers, or bowl pieces, as special wedding favors. Our pieces make the perfect Bachelorette + Bachelor party favors. For some non-customized options that are still sure to blow your guests away, consider:

  •  A tray of flower spoons with matching floral designs.
  • An array of our detailed capsule pipes for guests to choose from.
  • A dessert tray with complimentary dessert bites, perhaps some are even infused.
  • A selection of ice cream pipes next to a sundae bar.
  • Our fruity glass (watermelon + dragonfruit + pineapple clip) next to a fruit salad bar.
  • Our joint clips make awesome card holders - just add joints, polaroids, or custom stationary with table numbers.

Personalized Beakers

Our most basic customizable offering includes different beaker size options (5", 8", and 15") with sandblasting + color accents. 

Choose a Size

We offer 3 different beaker sizes: 5", 8", and 15"

Choose your Base Design

We offer pattern sandblasting on the base of the beaker to match any wedding theme

Personalize It

We offer custom engraving with the happy couple's names onto the beaker

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